We have a structured procedure for contracting suppliers, established in three categories, based on the amount of the product or service to be contracted. For service requests exceeding €8000, we will open calls for tenders and the selection process will require a minimum of three different proposals.



Open tenders



Closed tenders

March 2023 - Internationalisation for local authorities’ executive course  

Granted to: University of Melbourne

February 2023 - European Metropolitan Report 

Granted to: Bürogemeinschaft Gauly & Volgmann bgh

September 2022 - AVANTIA vídeo presentación

Granted to: Agencia Lönd

July 2022 - Avanzando hacia la recuperación: Identidad visual

Granted to: Big Brand Lab

March 2022 - International Strategies in Metropolitan Spaces

Granted to: SciTech Diplohub

February 2022 - Pan-American Metropolitan Report

Granted to: St. Gallen Institute of Management in Latin America (GIMLA)

December 2021 - Metropolis Through Children's Eyes, Phase II

Granted to: Stephanie Watt et al

September 2021 - Brand Audit

Granted to: Primero Estrategia

March 2021 - Metropolis Through Children Eyes

Granted toFTZ Studio 

May 2020 - Human Resources Strategy

Granted toProposal n° 1 (individuals)

January 2020 - Asian metropolitan report

Granted toProposal n° 5 (individuals)

November 2019 - Gender Equality Metropolitan Indicators

Granted toDigital Fems

October 2019 - Rethinking Metropolitan Governance

Granted toProposal nº 4 (individual)

September 2019 - Safety and public space: Mapping metropolitan gender policies. Phase II

Granted toCol.lectiu Punt 6

February 2019 - African metropolitan report

Granted toCity Insight