Our Communications Team helps journalists interested in Metropolis activities and comments from our Secretary General Jordi Vaquer.

We can offer comment on stories relating to life in metropolises, including about local government, urbanization, global heating, city transport, care and urban health.

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Metropolis Communications Team

Marc Cinanni

Head of Communications
​​​​​​​+34 659 717 019

Kaitlin Cockerham

Communications Officer
+34 669 972 916

Caitlin Law

Communications Officer
+34 611 696 508

About Metropolis

Metropolis brings together big cities to share solutions that improve metropolitan quality of life. We exist to help make metropolises more liveable. In a world where soon one in three people will live in metropolises, this means fostering tangible improvements for millions of human lives.

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Our brand

The Metropolis brand embodies the vibrancy, activity and life in big cities.

The main element of our brand logo is the metropolis sphere, symbolizing the global identity of the organization.

If you would like to use our logo as a member or collaborator of Metropolis, please first send a request to

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