Our work

We provide global leadership and advocacy to build a case for the importance of sound metropolitan governance. Our programmes give metropolitan communities tools and insights to make better decisions taking into consideration an intersectional perspective.

How we drive impact

Action to advance global Agendas

Cities on the Edge: Bogotá Call to Action

Governments in major metropolises have a great responsibility. At this crucial time, our priority must be to take care of people and the planet and to equip ourselves with the metropolitan-scale capabilities needed to face a future of increasingly frequent and complex emergencies.


World Metropolitan Day

Every 7 October, World Metropolitan Day commemorates the adoption of the Montreal Declaration on Metropolitan Areas by providing a global forum that brings together metropolises from all over the world to promote collective action to create resilience, advance social justice and develop better public services for all our urban spaces.


Gender mainstreaming

From a cross-cutting approach, we reach a good governance by promoting the incorporation of gender equality at the center of urban and metropolitanpoliciesand advocate for the inclusion of gender equality in global agendas


Metropolis World Congress

The unique global event to leverage key political agendas and declarations from the community of large cities and metropolitan areas. It is a milestone in the international agenda to showcase the diverse good practices coming from the ground of our members, enriching the debate across different levels and stakeholders of urban management.


Guangzhou Award

The Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation is co-sponsored by the City of Guangzhou, Metropolis and UCLG. It aims to recognize innovation in improving social, economic and environmental sustainability in cities and regions and, in so doing, to advance the prosperity and quality of life of their citizens.


Knowledge for Metropolitan Governance

Metropolis Observatory

Through the use of data, indicators and knowledge generation, we encourage reflection on the phenomenon of metropolisation in the world, relating it to the implementation of global agendas. Led by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, the observatory is organized into a collection of:

Issue papers Metropolitan indicators

Emergency Governance Initiative

In-depth analysis of the governance implications of emergency response and recovery strategies of our urban territories. Jointly with UCLG and LSE Cities, Metropolis aims to gather insights on how to build institutional capacities for more effective urban and territorial responses to complex emergencies and the governance of grand challenges.


Learning Station

The space where public officials with a technical or political profile find all training content on different topics related to metropolitan governance. Social cohesion, mobility, water management, smart cities and e-government, gender equality or financing are some of the issues addressed during our sessions.


USE - Urban Sustainability Exchange

This online platform is dedicated to promoting sustainable urban development. You will find case studies with a detailed description including background, challenges, lessons learned, impacts and an assessment of the transferability potential to another location as well as contact details of the experts involved.


Exchange and Collaboration

Pilot Projects

Spaces to explore and exchange on the challenges of metropolization from a cross-sectoral approach (local governments, private and academic sectors, grassroots communities, …). Through the pilot projects, we provide funding to support capacity development and the exchange of knowledge and practices in metropolitan management.


Local and Regional Action

Metropolis triggers cooperation among multiple stakeholders such as local and regional governments, international organizations, civil society, the academia and private sector to advance sustainable development at the local and regional scale.

Clearing House AVANTIA MGET Respond, Rebuild, Reinvent

City Managers Community

This community is an exclusive space for senior public officials who are in charge of the day-to-day management of pressing issues in major cities and metropolitan areas to learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge. It is an initiative founded by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona