Monitoring internationalisation strategies in cities and metropolitan areas

Date of publication
Metropolitan Governance
Type of resources
Comparative study
City and metropolitan authorities are by definition local, and their stretching onto global arenas often faces questioning. The need to understand the impacts of city internationalisation strategies goes, therefore, well beyond their attachment to best practices in policy analysis. Do internationalisation strategies pay off? What are the tangible impacts for the city and its inhabitants? What specific opportunities did a particular city seize thanks to its international activities? Did internationalisation mitigate or amplify negative impacts coming from the global context?

The present study is an attempt to systematize and bring together the practical learnings of five Metropolis’ members, and to summarize them in a format that can help other city administrations begin to respond to these questions above. With this report, Metropolis offers metropolitan policy-makers a tool to cast a critical look upon their internationalisation strategies and to re-design them for success in an evolving global context.